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Order augmentin online, Cheap augmentin 875


Unitemp Ltd is a specialist environmental engineering company that designs and manufactures bespoke testing equipment for tough environmental conditions and has the aptitude to understand customer’s problems and recommend the most effective solution – whether that be a simple test chamber, humidity test chambers or a complex computer controlled solution.

Design, Installation and Commissioning of Modular Custom Environmental Rooms

Our skilled designers specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of modular custom environmental rooms. This provides unlimited flexibility within existing premises and, for many applications, dramatic cost savings over standard chamber technology.

Unitemp Ltd can design and produce environmental test equipment tailored to your specification covering the combined disciplines of:

Our ability and proven track record of integrating modern electronics and control technology with mechanical refurbishment, enable us to improve performance and increase your return-on-investment.

Test Chamber Service, Support and Maintenance

Our after sales service and ability to support existing installations, from planned maintenance schedules and emergency repairs to full on-site refurbishment mean our customers equipment retains optimal performance and up time.

The services and products we offer have attracted interest from markets as diverse as stressing automotive electronics to storage of perishable foodstuffs.

Unitemp bespoke custom build equipment ensures that there is a solution for every situation and complements our extensive range of  buy augmentin 875 mg that cover everything from benchtop units to multi-room ‘controlled environment’ facilities,

Please send enquiries to: order augmentin over the counter

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