Panelised Walk-in


Temperature and humidity testing rooms

ESPEC North America builds dozens of walk-in chambers every year for top companies testing automotive, electronics, communications, aerospace, and other products. Drive-in chambers for automobiles are one of our top specialties. Stability walk-in rooms are another specialty, designed for light-duty testing or long-term steady-state evaluation of pharmaceuticals and other products.

Panelised Chamber/Room

Our panelised walk-in chambers use urethane-foam panels that lock together with cam latches. This is the same construction used for walk-in coolers in restaurants and supermarkets, but of a higher quality. The panels we use have a stainless steel interior skin to be stronger and impervious to extreme conditions. The seams between panels are carefully sealed to protect from leaking that may affect performance or damage the panels. Doors and windows have embedded heaters, as well.

Temperature and Humidity Control

ESPEC has standard air conditioning systems, called Modular Air Plenums (MAP). These MAPs are designed with the proper heating, refrigeration, and humidity control to achieve your desired performance and capabilities. The MAP simply rolls-up to an assembled panel chamber to complete installation.

web controller

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In addition, the SCP-220 programmer makes running an ESPEC environmental test chamber a breeze. The full-color, touch-screen interface is remarkably easy to use and understand. The SCP-220 can be managed remotely via our new Ethernet/LAN-based Web Controller, serial port, or GP-IB/LabView.


  • Stainless steel interior
  • Painted galvanized steel exterior for long life
  • MAP service doors are hinged (no tools or lifting)
  • Easy access to frequently checked refrigeration components
  • Reliable steam generator system for humidity applications
  • Adjustable vanes in supply grille allow directing of airflow as needed


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