Standard and custom walk-in rooms or drive-in rooms deliver the temperature or humidity testing performance you need.

The Espec walk-in test chamber is already renowned for its massive power savings – Power savings achieved thanks to a wide-range refrigeration control system, an active map system, and other original control devices. Energy reduction in some cases is half of the previous model’s consumption, due to the development of a cross out control system lowering electrical requirements of temperature & humidity operations and many other features.

The line-up of Walk-in and Drive-in cabinets consists of:

walk-in environmental test cabinets
panelized walk-in test chambers

Panelised Walk-in Cabinets

Temperature and humidity testing rooms

Stability-Walk-in test chambers

Stability Walk-in Chambers

Designed for light-duty testing or long-term steady-state evaluation

solid front walk-in test chambers

Solid Walk-In Chambers

Environmental Chambers for Solar Panel Testing

Drive-in test chambers

Drive-In Chambers

Custom Systems for Vehicle Testing

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