Thermal Shock

TSB Liquid Thermal Shock

TSB Liquid Thermal Shock

Significant reductions in fluid usage make liquid thermal shock affordable

Purchasing a liquid thermal shock chamber needs close consideration of the long term operating costs. The specialized liquids used can easily evaporate, causing the loss of thousands of dollars of fluid per year, if not properly contained. Liquid-to-liquid thermal shock testing is typically conducted to apply very strong, repetitive thermal stress to test pieces. It can model a product’s ability to withstand thermally-induced size changes, crack resistance, hermetic integrity, and changes in electrical properties. This form of testing provides a very rapid temperature shock recovery of conditions, and it can significantly reduce testing time by requiring shorter soaks and less cycles. The TSB thermal shock chambers have been built to meet the demanding test requirements of Mil-Std 883 method 1011.9, which has become a defacto industrial standard for semiconductor devices.

Serious cost savings

ESPEC has led the industry in developing a sophisticated test chamber with multiple mechanisms to significantly reduce fluid usage. The new TSB-51 loses just 1.4 grams per test cycle, or less than a liter of fluid per 1,000 cycle test. The recovery system reduces fluid loss through enhanced airtightness, preventing leakage of evaporated thermal fluid from the test area. A fan draws air to a condensing coil that turns evaporated fluid into a liquid, returning it to the baths. The units also include a separation filter for removing water from the thermal fluid. A refrigerated cooling ring at the top of the hot bath helps limit evaporative losses.

Easy to use, too

The TSB models have also includes our SCP-220TS touch-screen controller, making operation clear and easy.

TSB interior

Interior close-up showing the robotic basket and how it travels. Note the vapour recovery system behind.



  • Multiple mechanisms for reduction of fluid losses
  • Automatic shutters at bath inlets
  • Condensation pipe at the top rim of the high-temp bath
  • Vapor recycling unit in the transfer area
  • Designed for single (Galden) & dual-fluid (Fluorinert) use
  • Easily located, requires only electric power hook-up
  • Low noise of only 65 dBa
  • SCP-220TS touch-screen controller


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