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HAST – Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chambers

HAST - Highly Accelerated Stress Test System

Designed for consistent, repeatable results

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers reduce the time it takes to complete humidity testing for semiconductors. By elevating temperatures above 100°C and increasing the pressure, simulation of normal humidity tests can be made while maintaining the same failure mechanisms. Tests can be completed in days, not weeks. (Learn more about HAST in this PDF article.) Our HAST systems have a modern design that’s easier to use:

  • Automatic humidity filling
  • Automatic door lock
  • A more square workspace, allowing more product to be loaded
  • Convenient, hermetic power-pin system for bias testing

We now offer a hermetic port connection to allow special signal lines like coax or fiberoptics to be run into the chamber. You can use hermetic port plugs like those from Buffalo Conax with this port system.




  • Unsaturated or saturated humidity control
  • Multi-mode M System (wet bulb/dry bulb) controls humidity, even during heat-up and cool-down. Fully conforms to EIA/JEDEC Test Method A110 & 102C.
  • Programmable controller with temperature, humidity, and count-down display. Stores up to 10 test profiles, with 30 steps per profile.
  • 12 Specimen power terminals, allows power-up of specimens (12 per workspace on “double” units)
  • Two feed-through ports, each 0.75″ NPT (standard on units sold in North America only)
  • Automatic fill of the humidity water at the start of a test (except TPC)



  • Inner cylinder and door shield protect specimens from dew condensation
  • Interior is shaped more like a square for easier product loading (TPC model is cylindrical)
  • Two stainless steel shelves
  • Set of casters for easy movement of the chamber (except double-stacked models)
  • Push button door lock (except TPC)
  • Bottom of the unit allows storage space for peripheral equipment



  • Overheat & over-pressure protectors
  • Door lock safety mechanism to prevent opening of the door while the chamber is pressurized
  • Specimen power control terminal: shuts down the product power in the event of an alarm


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