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EWSX282 Solar Panel Large Walk-in Chambers

enx282 Solar panel compact walk inSolid walk-in chamber designed for testing up to 20 PV modules

ESPEC’s solid construction walk-ins are desirable for testing large loads of PV modules or panels at 85°C/85% as well as humidity-freeze and temperature cycling tests.  Hermetically welded seams and stainless-steel interior ensure integrity under extreme conditions required by IEC.

The models come in different performance versions, depending on your application. More powerful performance allows you to complete the temperature-cycling test faster, or with a maximum number of modules. There also is a ‘damp-heat’ only model that saves you capital-cost and energy.

Easy-to-use Programmer

web controller

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In addition, the SCP-220 programmer makes running an ESPEC environmental test chamber a breeze. The full-color, touch-screen interface is remarkably easy to use and understand. The SCP-220 can be managed remotely via our new Ethernet/LAN-based Web Controller, serial port, or GP-IB/LabView.


Solid Walk-in Overview

This video is an overview of the features and benefits of the Solid Walk-in series.



  • Large interior volume
  • Touch-screen controller
  • Viewing window
  • Optional module rack with rollers


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