Five different test chamber types, depending on your application

Espec Reach In Environmental Test Chambers are engineered for ease of use & easy maintenance. With Internal volume from 120L, a variety of products can be tested depending on test profile. The range comprises of five different test chamber series & over 100 different models.

Espec reach in chamber
Platinous J series environmental test cabinets

Platinous J Series Environmental Chambers

A wide selection of sizes & collection of advanced features has made the Platinous J Series the environmental test chamber of choice.

Temperature - Humidity Chamber for Charge-Discharge Testing

Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber for Charge-Discharge Testing

For reliability testing of secondary batteries

Espec Platinum environmental test chambers

Platinum Chambers

Four larger size chambers with performance options to 12°C/m.

Espec Large-Temperature-Humidity-Chamber

FM Series Chamber

Large Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Espec Global-N chambers

Global-N Temperature Cycling Chamber

Rapid Temperature Cycling: 5, 10, 15 or even 20°C/min

Espec agree-vibration chambers

AGREE Vibration-compatible Chamber

Industrial-quality chambers for combination testing with vibration systems

AR Series reach-in environmental test chambers

AR Series Test Chambers

Chambers with superior temperature change performance

MC Series Ultra-cold Chambers : Temperature range down to -75 or -85°C

MC Series Ultra-cold Chambers

Temperature range down to -75 or -85°C