Industrial Ovens

Temperature Chamber (Vertical Type)

 Temperature Chamber (Vertical Type)M-Instrumentation features programs with up to 20 steps

Suitable for a range of applications from temperature characteristics testing to heat treatment and drying. Programmed operation now allows storing ten patterns, each up to twenty steps. Provides a wide range of functions, including temperature ramp settings and a maximum of 999 repeat cycles.

A space-saving upright chamber

Components are incorporated into the top portion of the vertical chamber. Increases productivity in the production line and saves laboratory space.

Seamless door interior structure

Door back is a single molded structure preventing heat losses from loose joints.

Large processing capacity

Since the floor and shelves of the chamber have been greatly reinforced, a large amount of specimens can be loaded and processed at the same time. The sliding shelves ensure easy handling of the specimens.

Excellent heating performance

Heating performance is greatly enhanced so that the chamber temperature remains constant even if the ventilation damper is opened (at +20°C ambient temperature).