Industrial Ovens

Anaerobic Temperature Chamber

Anaerobic Temperature ChamberLow oxygen level testing

This temperature chamber is equipped with a non-oxidizing gas intake structure that fills the chamber up with gases such as CO2 or N2. Suitable for heat treatment or temperature characteristics testing under low oxygen concentration atmosphere.

Hermetically sealed configuration

The chamber is hermetically sealed to decrease oxygen inside the chamber. The inner stainless steel plate is seamless welded with argon gas.

O2 concentration indicator controller (optional)

An optional O2 concentration indicator controller equipped with an oxygen sensor is available. It allows precise regulation of the O2 level throughout the range 0.5 to 21% (using N2).

M-Instrumentation features programs with up to 20 steps

Suitable for a range of applications from temperature characteristics testing to heat treatment and drying. Programmed operation now allows storing ten patterns, each up to twenty steps. Provides a wide range of functions, including temperature ramp settings and a maximum of 999 repeat cycles.