Chamber Management Tools

Web Controller

Web Controller Innovative access

The Web Controller leapfrogs competitive remote access solutions by hosting the software remotely, at the chamber. No local software to install, just a web browser and access to the LAN is required. No need for a USB thumb-drive either, as all data files can be downloaded and uploaded from the web browser.

Because there are only seven screens, all operational functions are easy to find and use. (One-time and infrequently-accessed settings still use the SCP-220 front panel.)  The gray side-bar on all pages shows the current status of the chamber for easy monitoring.

Advanced Programming

Users of the SCP-220 will appreciate the expanded functionality for programming. When editing a program, all steps can be seen and changed on the same screen, without having to flip back and forth.

For added convenience, programs may be downloaded from the chamber for back-up/storage, or uploading to another chamber.

Built-in data logging

Because the Web Controller is running with the chamber, a dedicated PC for data logging isn’t required. The monitor page features a robust trend-graph display of the chamber operation. Test data can be downloaded for analysis and graphing in Excel.

Compatible with several chambers

The Web Controller is compatible with ESPEC chamber models equipped with RS-232 interface, for example Global N, Walk-in etc.