ESPEC  Bench-top Temperature & Humidity Chamber Series features large chamber environmental testing performance in a compact unit. Available in 20L and 60L capacities, these models offer temperature range from −20, −40, or −60℃, to +150 or +180℃, while achieving excellent performance.

The chambers come with user-friendly touch panel display, allow three-way access to the chamber and offer a broader range of options for expandability

The line-up consists of:

Bench-top Temperature & Humidity Chamber environmental testing equipment

Criterion Temperature Bench-Top Chamber

Wide temperature range from -70ºC to +180ºC

Compact Header Benchtop Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber :Full-size chambers performances

Compact Header Benchtop Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

Compact chamber with a full-sized chamber’s performance

Constant Climate Chamber Series

Constant Climate

High performance and reliability in a compact package.

Espec SH-SU-series chambers

SH/SU Series Benchtop

Two sizes and three different low temperatures