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ESPEC environmental test chambers create temperature & humidity extremes in chambers from Benchtop to large Reach-in or Walk-in Chambers which can handle testing of large items like solar panels or automobile parts. Standardisation allows ESPEC to concentrate on quality construction and innovative designs. Many of the environmental test chambers built include optional features or customisation to exactly fit the customer’s application.

Unitemp is a leading supplier and manufacturer of environmental test equipment in the UK, and the main distributor for ESPEC environmental test chambers.

Espec battery testing chambers

Battery Testing Chambers

Manufactured to UL, IEC, SAE & EUCAR 1- 6 standards, ESPEC battery test chambers allow environmental & safety tests of devices such as secondary batteries to ensure the high safety & stable performance required.

Espec benchtop chambers

Benchtop Chambers

Espec Bench-Top Temperature & Humidity Chambers provide high- performance environmental testing in a compact body using a network.

Espec Reach In Chambers

Reach-In Chambers

Espec Reach In Chambers are engineered for ease of use & easy maintenance. With Internal volume from 120L, a variety of products can be tested depending on test profile. The range comprises of five different test chamber series & over 100 different models.

Espec Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers

Espec Thermal Shock Chambers apply uniform levels of thermal stress to specimens and can be used in a wide range of fields from R&D through to inspection and production. Five series and 15 different thermal shock models, including air-to-air and liquid-to-liquid.

Espec Walk In -drive in Chambers

Walk In & Drive In Rooms

Standard & custom walk-in / drive-in rooms deliver the temperature or humidity testing performance you need. Able to handle the testing of large items like solar panels or automobile parts, Espec walk-in type chambers are renowned for money saving energy efficiency & high performance.

Espec Industrial Ovens

Industrial Ovens

ESPEC’s precision industrial ovens are used for high-temperature testing, as well as heat treatment and drying. Several volumes are available in horizontal (PH series) or vertical (PV series) models.

Espec Speciality Chambers

Speciality Chambers

Standard and custom test chambers for specific test applications such as solar panel testing, HAST, Rain & Spray Chambers, Settling Dust, Altitude and Tensile test.

Espec Chamber Management Tools

Chamber Management Tools

ESPEC tools deliver easy-to-use and advanced functions for test chamber management, monitoring and programming via any PC on your network.

ESPEC is the pioneer in Japan and has served as the industry leader for environmental chambers for over a half a century. Not only do they have manufacturing facilities in Japan and China, they also provide sales and service support around the world including the U.S. and Europe. Both their U.S. and Japanese manufacturing operations are ISO-9001 registered.