SD Sterilization and Depyrogenation oven

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, these sterilizing and depyrogenation ovens are available in different configurations to meet specific temperature and cycle requirements. The ovens specialize in short cycle times which allow users more production per shift, more efficient operations and lower operating costs.



Exceptionally Short Cycle Time

Cycle times can be as short as 2 1/2 hours. A unique filter retention system minimizes stress from thermal expansion and contraction to maintain ISO Class 5 conditions throughout the cycle. A short cycle time results in more production per shift, more efficient operations and lower operating costs.


Guaranteed ISO Class 5 Conditions

A unique mounting system for the HEPA filters reduces particulate concentrations. Despatch guarantees ISO Class 5 condition for all oven configurations


Small Footprint/Large Capacity

Operating Temperatures to 320° Celsius equate to shortened cycle times which result in higher throughput, higher production rates and lower overall cost; allowing you to use a smaller oven for a given level of production. In addition, the internal air supply panels distribute heat very evenly, resulting in dense loading capabilities and a high capacity per square foot of floor space.


Standard Features:

  • Temperatures up to 285°C (545°F)
  • Heating ramp rate of 5°C (9°F )/minute
  • Fresh air controlled cooling cycle
  • Guaranteed ISO Class 5 (Class 100) conditions throughout the cycle using high temperature HEPA filters with no burn-in required at installation
  • Transfer Jam Alarm – Energizes a beeping audible alarm and display when elevator jam interrupts a test.
  • cGMP compliant, easy-to-clean 316L stainless steel interior with smooth surface and rounded corners
  • 120-150 grit-polished stainless steel exterior (#4 polish)
  • Complete documentation for writing IQ, OQ and SQ protocols
  • Monitoring ports for testing fresh air, exhaust and recirculating HEPA filters
  • Automatic self-regulating pressure balance
  • Touchscreen operator interface, Allen Bradley PLC controls with computer networking capabilities
  • Control package with up to 20 programmable temperature profiles, four pressure gauges and a high-limit temperature control
  • Interlocked doors with dual contact seals
  • TEFC motors (480V/3 phase/60 Hz)
  • Meets NFPA 86 guidelines



  • Temperatures up to 320°C (608°F)
  • Accelerated cooling rate of 5°C/minute or more using water cooling coils
  • Accelerated heating ramp rates exceeding 5°C/minute
  • 21 CFR Part 11 electronic records and signatures data logger
  • Stainless steel flashing bioseal connection to the cleanroom
  • Completed IQ, OQ and SQ protocols and assistance executing IQ, OQ and PQ
  • Custom stainless steel trucks, dollies and trays
  • Stainless steel rollout shelves on SDC2-30 or SDC2-53 models
  • Chart recorders and data loggers
  • 50 Hz models and special voltages
  • UL-listed power panel
  • European Union (CE) conformance
  • Seismic Review capabilities and seismic anchors