ESPEC Environmental Test Chambers

AR Series Environmental Stress Chamber

AR series environmental chambers for battery testing

Chambers with superior temperature change performance

The AR series chambers have an increased tolerance to support heat loads from specimens and provide superior levels of temperature change performance and a wide temperature & humidity control range.

The line-up consists of twenty chambers that can be selected in accordance with temperature & humidity range, internal capacity and temperature change rate. Temperature change rate is between 4K/minute and 18K/minute, which conforms to IEC standards and test standards for automotive parts.

The new N-instrumentation allows AR series chambers to support an easy-to-use networking system.

Reduced temperature and humidity stabilisation time

Temperature and humidity stabilisation time have been greatly reduced by minimising fluctuation as the chamber approaches set-point (under testing operation from room temperature to 85°C/85% rh).

Specimen temperature control function provides accurate testing

The AR AR series model line upseries chambers use a temperature control sensor to monitor and control the temperature of the object under test and the uniform temperature distribution minimises variations in test results.

Supports heat loads up to 4500W during temperature testing

Supports powered specimens, and can withstand up to 4500W of heat load during temperature testing.

Conforms to ISO12100 and IEC60204, IEC61000 and EN50581 to CE marking requirements based on EU directives: Low voltage directive, EMC directive, machinery directive, pressure equipment directive, and RoHS directive.

Remote monitoring and control via an advanced web application

No software is required to remotely monitor the cabinets. An innovative web browser application allows monitoring and control of the chamber with a Mobile PC, tablet, or smart phone using the chambers standard Ethernet/LAN port. multiple chamber connections are possible using the wireless connection, so control is never lost.

Email alert

When an alarm is triggered, an e-mail is sent to the registered PC or mobile address. A notification can also be sent at the time of test completion.

Copy your test programs, output data on USB memory

Without the need of a PC, copy and transfer your test profiles from one chamber to another. You can also download temperature and humidity data from the chamber for editing on your PC.